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Dictionary dream of interpretation - dream book

Dictionary dream dream imbued with echoes of the past day, carrying some signs for the interpretation of dreams, the meaning of sleep. Taking us to the distant past or drawing pictures of the future in our minds, pleasant or nightmarish - all these are our dreams. Their content has long been a mystery to humans - at different times there were different interpretations of dreams.

Trying to learn the meaning of dreams, people, first of all, tried to look into their future, to understand what fate has in store for them. A properly interpreted dream could be a true warning, a promise of joy and well-being, on the contrary, a harbinger of illness or even death, a promise of family happiness or an early marriage. There were and still are many variants of prediction, and all of them are collected in dream books or dream interpreters.

Dictionary dream of interpretation - dream book

How do dreams relate to events that occur with a person in reality?while awake, each of us receives a huge amount of information, this flow is continuous and inexhaustible. our consciousness is forced to leave in memory only the most important and significant information, as if filtering out everything else. However, a person remembers in great detail everything that happens to him at any given time.
This is due to the work of the subconscious mind, which collects and analyzes all incoming information. in a dream, our subconscious mind comes to the fore, returning the person unnoticed information with the help of dreams-vivid figurative actions unfolding before the eyes of the sleeper. That is why the meaning of dreams is difficult to overestimate, although it is possible that in some cases their content is formed under the influence of vivid impressions of the past day, or is only a reflection of the events that have just occurred. Nevertheless, our dreams remain inexhaustible sources of information. Most often, the prediction made on their basis comes true.

Interpreter of dreams

How to solve your dream? Our website "Dream Book" was created to help you with this. To find out the interpretation of a dream, you need to sort it out into its components, highlight its brightest moments of what you dreamed. After that, you need to designate them in one word, for example, " parting" or " party" and find it in the proposed dream book - the interpretation of dreams will be determined by its meaning. However, it should be borne in mind that the true meaning of a dream is revealed in a set of definitions of its most striking moments. in addition, it is worth paying attention to the objects, people and animals that surround you in your dream - it is likely that they also symbolize something.

Dream interpretation - prediction?

Dream book about dreams and their interpretation

Today, dream interpretation is a very profitable business, but this business has its own masters, such as Vanga, Miller, Freud, Nostrardamus. That we have long died and silishili many works that we can use for free and read in our native Ukrainian language.

The team and editorial staff of this site will try to present the interpretation of Dreams in the section " Dream Book" in the most accurate and fair way, so that it is convenient for you to use it.

We will be grateful to everyone who leaves their reviews, or perhaps their own interpretations on the page under each dream. Together we will make uanet the best!

If we carefully study the spiritual impressions left in the Dreamer's mind, then thanks to the interpretation of this book, we will be able to shape our future in accordance with the spiritual law. Dreams are a fascinating alternative reality, and dream analysis is a fascinating subject for both professionals and non-professionals who make up dream books. Many people feel that if they could just understand and control their dreams, all their real-world problems would be solved.While this position may be a bit strained, it is true that many sleep problems have their roots in the waking world, and when these daytime problems are solved, such are the dreams they caused.

When studying the fascinating and sometimes confusing world of dreams (dream book), it is useful to pay attention to the symbols that many other people find in ordinary dream objects. An accident in a dream can represent a fear of a real accident, or it can be a fear of some mental or physical disorder.Waking dreams can symbolize awareness or openness to new ideas and new experiences. A brother who sees a brother in a dream has different meanings depending on the Dreamer's attitude to his real brother.

Dream Book-the best interpretation of a dream.

If there is a strained relationship, Dream Book - represent the inner core of love and respect for your brother. dreams about Ascension can be symbols of striving or achieving, or achieving new mental, spiritual, or physical goals. dreaming about the desert or that you are lost in the desert can represent loneliness and longing.A door can be a symbol of the possibility of a better opportunity. The fear of opening a door in a dream may mean that you are afraid to try something new.Eating in a dream can represent nutrition or the need to take care of yourself. Falling dreams of falling can represent a loss of control or a sense of inability to maintain your position in life. Gates in a dream are similar to doors, because they represent an opportunity for movement and growth.

Passing through the gate can be a sign that you are ready to try something new.The heart is seen as a symbol of love. Most dreams that involve heart forms focus on Love and romance. The dream's immobility that you are paralyzed or immobilized may be signs that the dreamer feels trapped. For example, you may feel trapped or suffocated in a relationship, or you may feel like you can't make progress in your work.Jumping dreams of jumping can symbolize that the Dreamer is open to achieving big goals. Jumping is usually a positive symbol, and this can mean that the Dreamer has a bright future ahead of him.The ladder can be a symbol of growth or spiritual learning.

Dreams are a fascinating alternative reality, and dream analysis is a fascinating subject for both professionals and non-professionals who make up dream books.

Stairs can symbolize the desire to climb higher or achieve greater happiness. War dreams about military figures often symbolize the desire for power. Dreams of a military man often represent a craving for bravery generated by the Armed Forces. Loop in a dream a loop can symbolize feelings of guilt and fear of punishment. Seeing a loop in a dream can mean that you are afraid of something in your waking life.The meaning of the pig symbol depends on your cultural reference system. While for most Westerners, The Pig symbolizes greed and dirt, for the Chinese, the Pig is a symbol of strength.Rain Rain also has a number of meanings in the dream world.

In some scenarios, rain can symbolize depression, while in other cases it can represent purification and renewal. The meaning will depend on the context of the rain in the dream.

If you want to start making your dream come true, you need to plan it and make it a priority.

Dictionary of dreams and their analysis

If you continue to push and clutter your life with things that don't matter, you will never, ever start working on your main dream. Remember that you can't do everything, but you can do one thing! Dictionary dream for women who have a real desire to find their passion and achieve success. Women who need to step out of the shadows and be the center of attention to live their lives to the fullest, and women who need wings to fly.

If you are looking for a place to read in Ukrainian, then this site will help you in interpreting a particular dream in several schools and directions, so that you can make a complete picture of what you saw in the dream. Special attention should also be paid to the Slavic Dream Book of our ancestors.

The site also attempted to classify dreams(under development). . .